Kidney Needed!

KIDNEY NEEDED’ While June has been undergoing dialysis since that time, she has been placed on a waiting list for a new kidney. To date, no match has been found
“About 50,000 individuals are on waiting lists, and that number is expected to double within the decade,” according to June’ daughter, “Most of those people must endure years of dialysis, spending four hours three times a week at a clinic or hospital where needles are inserted into an arm or leg to drain their blood, clean it and return it to the body.

The periodic buildup of toxins in the blood and the stress of dialysis are debilitating over time, and between 5 and 10 percent of people undergoing dialysis die each year.”
With the wait for a kidney transplant stretching to six years or more, doctors are increasingly advising patients, including June, to seek living donors.
“The donor does not face a long stay in the hospital, and the operation can now be done laparoscopically, requiring a stay of no more than three days,” “Transplant centers are extremely careful in checking potential donors’ medical condition, and living with a single kidney is no problem in itself – some five percent of the population is born with only one kidney.” Because of their age, June’s daughters and son could not serve as donors. “It is our fervent hope that a living donor can be found to allow our beloved nurse June to live a normal life with her family,” Joan and Charles said.
“Hence, we appeal to you and the community of Church in America, the Caribbean Community, and healthcare Community, hoping that a living donor might be found.” June is listed under Emory Donation of Kidney program. June, a nurse, has been a dedicated volunteer of Deskan and the Deskan family.
Please contact Joan 770.498-2152, 770-256-0356
June Archer at 770–84-3382 for additional information.


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